The environment we live in is saturated with toxins. Some of them are very visible and relatively easy to protect against. Others are extremely difficult to fend against, and are quickly absorbed by our internal systems. Our bodies need to be de-toxed of these harmful substances; otherwise they will wreak havoc with the body and accelerate the aging process. Jeunesse ProPectin is just the answer!

Jeunesse ProPectin features great-tasting apple pectin, of pharmaceutical grade, that helps purge the body of many environmental pollutants while also making it an excellent dietary supplement.   Thanks to Jeunesse breakthrough technology, Jeunesse ProPectin has differentiated itself from the competition. Unlike other non-pharma grade pectin supplements that have purity levels of just 8-12%, Jeunesse ProPectin is produced using the highest quality of apples. Jeunesse’s specialty six-step process then refines these apples – as much as 250 kilos of them – to produce a kilo of Jeunesse ProPectin.

The result: A powerful powered apple concentrate that’s quick to dissolve in water and provides lasting protection to the body against many toxins which are rampant in our environment today.

Because of its high quality, Jeunesse ProPectin is well regarded amongst its peers. No other product on the market has received such eminent endorsements as that from the likes of the co-founder of the Nobel Charitable, and relative of Alfred Nobel, Dr. Michael Nobel.

Benefits of regular use of Jeunesse ProPectin include:

  • safely and quickly expel toxic environmental pollutants from the body
  • great way to induce highly effective pectin content into the body
  • contains no artificial dyes or sweeteners
  • provides the body with an excellent source of fibre
  • acts as a complete de-toxin
  • tastes great

For those of you that are looking for a safe yet highly effective way to detoxify and eject environmental pollutants and harmful toxins from your bodies, then Jeunesse ProPectin is the answer.

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