About Jeunesse Global (Singapore’s Team)

Businees meeting

So what differentiates a truly promising and successful multi-level marketing opportunity in Singapore from “the others”? Is it the people behind the network? Is it the products that they offer to their partners? Is it the compensation plan that really makes the difference? Or is it the marketing platform that’s the real differentiator?

The answer: All of the above!

And that’s exactly what Jeunesse Global is all about. And here’s why we stand head above shoulder from all of the competition.

Our People: The most important ingredient for success in any business is its people. And from the grassroots of our company, right up to the very top, our Jeunesse Singpaore’s team is filled with hardworking, dedicated professionals with the experience and vision that’s required for to deliver success to all of its distributors. That pioneering vision has earned the founders of Jeunesse accolades like “Florida Businessman of the Year” as well as listings in “International Who’s Who” and “Most Influential Women in Direct Selling”

Jeunesse Products: Based on some of the most cutting-edge research available today, Jeunesse’s Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S) is one of the most sought after personal care and health and nutritional products amongst their peers. The term “Our products sell by themselves!” was coined for Y.E.S!

Compensation Plan: Jeunesse believes in rewarding the accomplishments of all of its distribution partners. And that’s why they have one of the most lucrative and well regarded rewards and incentive plans in place amongst peers in the multi-level marketing industry, not just in Singapore, but worldwide basis.

Having paid out over $122.5 million in commissions is proof enough that our compensation actually pays!

Platform: In the marketing arena, distributors are only as successful as the networking platforms that they have access to. With a network of more than 500,000 distributors in 215 countries and territories, Jeunesse offers its partners one of the most extensive networking platforms imaginable & you are not limited to this tiny Singapore only!

Distributors that partner with a successful company like Jeunesse are treated like FAMILY. And that’s the greatest differentiator of all!